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movie title : The Titan
release date : 2018-03-30
tagline : -
genre : Science Fiction
homepage : -
production : 42, The Amel Company, Motion Picture Capital, Nostromo Pictures
budget : -
revenue : -
runtime : 97 Minutes
vote average : 5.8
vote count : 62

Synopsis/Plot Summary

Hotshot Air Force pilot, Rick Janssen is chosen for a military experiment that will create a human being capable of surviving the harsh environments of one of Saturn's moons, Titan. The experiment is successful, turning Rick into a super-human, but it also creates deadly side-effects which threatens the life of Rick, his wife and his family – and possibly humanity itself.

Actors & Actress

Corey Johnson as Petersen
Aleksandar Jovanovi? as Sergeant Johan Werner
Aaron Heffernan as Zane Gorski
Steven Cree as Major Timothy Pike
Noah Jupe as Lucas Janssen

Production Crew

Director by Lennart Ruff
Writer by Arash Amel
Screenplay by Max Hurwitz
Producer by Arash Amel
Producer by Fred Berger
Producer by Leon Clarance
Producer by Brian Kavanaugh-Jones
Producer by Ben Pugh
Music by Fil Eisler
Director of Photography by Jan-Marcello Kahl

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