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movie title : The Mountain
release date : 2018-08-30
tagline : -
genre : Drama
homepage : -
production : Match Factory Productions, 30WEST, Vice Films
budget : -
revenue : -
runtime : 106 Minutes
vote average : 3.5
vote count : 2

Synopsis/Plot Summary

In 1950s America, an introverted young man joins a renowned lobotomist as he promotes his recently debunked procedure. As their tour of asylums progresses, the young man begins to identify with the patients, among them the daughter of a charismatic leader in the burgeoning New Age movement of the West.

Actors & Actress

Tye Sheridan as Andy
Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Wallace Fiennes
Hannah Gross as Susan
Denis Lavant as Jack
Udo Kier as Frederick
Eléonore Hendricks as Grace
Annemarie Lawless as Vivian
Alyssa Bresnahan as Claire
Billy Thomas Myott as Orderly
Laura Stisser as Woman Getting Out of Car

Production Crew

Director by Rick Alverson
Writer by Rick Alverson
Writer by Dustin Guy Defa
Writer by Colm O'Leary
Producer by Ryan Zacarias
Co-Producer by Jon Read
Producer by Sara Murphy
Producer by Allison Rose Carter
Director of Photography by Lorenzo Hagerman
Editor by Michael Taylor