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movie title : Livescream
release date : 2018-05-25
tagline : Play or die
genre : Horror, Comedy
homepage :
production : Octopunk Media
budget : $1500 (USD)
revenue : -
runtime : 67 Minutes
vote average : 0.0
vote count : 0

Synopsis/Plot Summary

Every day, over 200 loving fans watch Scott Atkinson play horror games online. After a lifetime of failures and false starts, streaming games is the only thing he's good at...until it becomes a nightmare. Enter Livescream - a mysterious horror game sent to him by an anonymous fan. At first, he thinks the game is a low quality indie title. But when his followers start dying one by one, he soon realizes the game is far more sinister. Now, Scott will be forced through nine levels of video game hell, each level representing a different horror game niche, in order to walk away alive.

Actors & Actress

Gunner Willis as Scott
C. Michael Whaley as Clyde
Michael James Daly as Delucky
Kathleen O'Shaughnessy as Webcam Watcher
Maddie Casto as Bangharder
Miles Miskelly as Little Boy
Justin Dorsey as Webcam Watcher

Production Crew

Director by Michelle Iannantuono
Writer by Michelle Iannantuono
Producer by Michelle Iannantuono
Music by Austin Butts
Makeup Effects by Maddie Casto