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movie title : For Her...
release date : 2017-12-25
tagline : How far would you go?
genre : Drama, Horror
homepage :
production : Viral Films UK
budget : $1700 (USD)
revenue : -
runtime : 20 Minutes
vote average : 0.0
vote count : 0

Synopsis/Plot Summary

Jonathan and Elizabeth are deeply in love. But their relationship is tested when Elizabeth becomes afflicted by a devastating illness. Follow Jonathan's emotional journey as he struggles to deal with inevitable tragedy, and discover what lengths he's willing to go to, For Her.

Actors & Actress

Kattreya Scheurer-Smith as Elizabeth
Derek Nelson as Jonathan
Natasha Killip as Anne
Mari Beaseley as Homeless Girl

Production Crew

Director by Daniel Mark Young
Writer by James Craigie
Director of Photography by Michelle Barry
Director of Photography by Darrell Pringle
Camera Operator by Darrell Pringle
Producer by Martine Beaseley
Producer by Daniel Mark Young
Producer by James Craigie
Producer by Michelle Barry
Music by Adam Woodhams


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