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movie title : Dance Of The Dead
release date : 2008-10-14
tagline : It's their night to come alive.
genre : Comedy, Horror
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production : Compound B
budget : -
revenue : -
runtime : 87 Minutes
vote average : 6.0
vote count : 85

Synopsis/Plot Summary

With Prom only hours away, the usual suspects of Cosa High (Cheerleaders, geeks, bad boys and the happy-go-lucky student council alike) are preoccupied with the annual rituals of teendom. On the night of the big dance when the dead unexpectedly rise to eat the living, polar opposite groups will be forced to unite in their final chance to save the town from the zombies.

Actors & Actress

Jared Kusnitz as Jimmy Dunn
Greyson Chadwick as Lindsey
Chandler Darby as Steven
Carissa Capobianco as Gwen
Randy McDowell as Jules Reiner
Michael V. Mammoliti as George
Mark Lynch as Rod
Justin Welborn as Kyle Grubbin
Mark Oliver as Coach Keel
Blair Redford as Nash Rambler

Production Crew

Director by Gregg Bishop
Producer by Gregg Bishop
Producer by Ehud Bleiberg
Producer by Stephen Caudill
Music by Kristopher Carter
Screenplay by Joe Ballarini

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DANCE OF THE DEAD Trailer (2008) - Red Band Trailer