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movie title : Chained
release date : 2012-10-02
tagline : -
genre : Horror, Thriller
homepage : -
production : RGB Productions, Envision Media Arts
budget : -
revenue : -
runtime : 94 Minutes
vote average : 6.4
vote count : 152

Synopsis/Plot Summary

A serial killer kidnaps a young boy after murdering his mother, then raises him to be his accomplice. After years in captivity, the boy must choose between escaping or following in his captor's bloody footprints.

Actors & Actress

Vincent D'Onofrio as Bob
Eamon Farren as Older Rabbit
Julia Ormond as Sarah Fittler
Gina Philips as Marie Fittler
Evan Bird as Younger Rabbit
Conor Leslie as Angie
Jake Weber as Brad Fittler
Daniel Maslany as Young Bob
Michael Maslany as Young Brad
Alexander Doerksen as Colin

Production Crew

Director by Jennifer Chambers Lynch
Writer by Jennifer Chambers Lynch
Writer by Damian O'Donnell
Producer by Rhonda Baker
Producer by David Buelow
Producer by Lee Nelson
Director of Photography by Shane Daly
Editor by Daryl K. Davis
Editor by Chris A. Peterson
Casting by Shannon Makhanian

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Chained (2012) - Official Trailer [HD]