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movie title : 전설의 주먹
release date : 2013-04-10
tagline : -
genre : Action, Foreign, Drama
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production : Cinema Service
budget : -
revenue : -
runtime : 153 Minutes
vote average : 7.3
vote count : 15

Synopsis/Plot Summary

On a television show billed as “the greatest fight show on Earth,” eager amateurs with lots to prove boldly step into the ring and expect to leave bloody but victorious. The ratings hungry producers seek out “legendary” but largely forgotten streetfighters and mine their desperation for recaptured glory and redemption into ratings gold.

Actors & Actress

Lee Yo-won as Hong Gyu-min
Hwang Jung-min as Lim Deok-gyoo
Yoon Je-moon as Shin Jae-suk
Yu Jun-sang as Lee Sang-hoon
Jung Woong-in as Son Jin-ho
Sung Ji-Ru as Seo Kang-gook
Kang Shin-il as Director Jo
Seo Beom-sik as Choi Joong-man

Production Crew

Director by Kang Woo-Suk
Writer by Jang Min-Seok

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